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GGI experts gather in Zurich

Global Chairpersons of GGI Practice Groups meet in Zurich from 31 January until 02 February 2014 to exchange Best Practices information, experiences and discuss how to best use synergies.
GGI Practice Groups are expert groups within GGI, established by active GGI members. All over the world GGI members actively participate in the various GGI Practice Groups. Each group is lead by one global chairperson who creates the business plan, coordinates all projects and activities, monitors the group development and ensures smooth and comprehensive communication within the group.

The chairpersons meeting in Zurich kicks off with a dinner on Friday evening. On Saturday they start the meeting with a review of each Practice Group’s current state. During the meeting those issues, which relate to all Practice Groups will be analysed. Practice Group products will be presented and different methods, tools and best practices will be discussed. Further marketing and communication tools will be presented. All Practice Groups meet regularly during the main GGI conferences. But how can they effectively stay in contact in between the events? Which tools and presentation techniques are available to support Practice Groups?

Virtual reality will enliven meetings by enabling speakers at distant locations to participate in virtual mode. Augmented reality will also allow real and virtual worlds to blend and interact with each other, thus making additional information available. Telepresence, haptic technology, mobile tools, artificial intelligence, voice recognition programs, etc. there’s almost no end to the list of future options and potentials. And as we all know from our own observations: what sounds like science fiction today might be standard usage tomorrow.

In the afternoon Group Chairs will look at Innovative ways to get more out of their Practice Groups. The meeting will be concluded with a dinner in the traditional “Zunfthaus zur Waag”.

GGI Asia-Pacific Regional Conference
3 – 6 December
Hong Kong

GGI Middle East African (MEA) Regional Conference
18 – 21 February 2016 (tbc)

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According to the latest 2015 Network Survey by Accountancy Age, GGI is number one in the list of Associations and Alliances worldwide and is ranked sixth overall.

Accountancy Age, a trade magazine for accountants and financial staff in the UK, is a respected source for news and analysis. Launched in 1969 with a circulation of over 60,000 in print over the years, it became an online-only publication from May 2011 delivering up-to-the-minute news to the finance community.

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GGi Member Quotes

  • Jane Scaccetti

    We value our membership in the GGI family of firms. The GGI member firms are our high-quality global ‘branch offices’. This gives our clients a strategic advantage when dealing with international issues.

  • Inna Deputat, Aksonova & Associates, Ukraine

    We are proud to be a member of one of the world’s leading organizations of independent law, accounting, audit and management consulting firms. We have already established strong ties with our GGI colleagues around the world and received many business referrals from other network members.

  • Kevin Mifsud, kmconsultants, Malta

    Through our membership within GGI's multi-disciplinary alliance of accountants, lawyers and consultants, we have succeeded in finding better ways to satisfy the diverse set of customers' needs. This in itself has created immense value for our clients and an excellent opportunity for our firm.

  • Dr. Robert D'Alessandro, Advocates CREDAL, Malta

    GGI is a professionally managed organization. This marks a huge difference from self-regulating (voluntarily managed) networks, and as such, the organization enjoys continuous and consistent growth. All new members are very carefully selected. In addition I also value the efficient, personal and prompt quality service provided by GGI Head Office.

  • Ionut Catalin Zeche, Mirus Consultantá Fiscalá SRL, Romania

    Besides the excellent professional attitude of GGI members, I have met many interesting people at the conferences. I also very much enjoy the social aspect of the group.

  • Prof. Dr. Serhat Kutlan, Kutlan & Partners, Turkey

    Our GGI membership enables us to serve our clients better. We can quickly and efficiently put together teams of international experts, all adhering high quality standards.

  • He Yuanquan, Horizon Group, China

    I do not want to miss out on being part of this global GGI family. The positive spirit and professional attitude create an excellent combination which makes us feel comfortable and enables us to serve our clients better.

  • Panna Jhugroo, Lancasters Chartered Accountants, Mauritius

    I have confidence in the high quality of GGI member firms. Only firms providing high quality standards and excellent client services are invited to join GGI. We can rest assured that we are getting the best possible services around the world.

  • Oliver Biernat, Benefitax GmbH,
    Steuerberatungsgesellschaft, Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Germany

    Around the world, GGI members are active in various practice groups. I have the pleasure of chairing the International Tax Practice Group, which consists of experts in international taxation from many different countries. We regularly exchange knowledge and experiences, stay up-to-date with the latest international information and developments, and international tax structures.

  • Seiichi Yoshikawa, Koga & Partners, Japan

    I strongly believe that only an alliance of genuinely independent member firms is able to meet the many challenges faced by businesses in today's expanding markets. Although each member firm is different and independent, all have in common to be leaders in their profession in their region.

  • Pavel Timokhin, Yakovlev & Partners Law Office, Russia

    Successful business is based on trust. At GGI conferences and events we meet our GGI partners on a regular basis and develop close relationships. We highly value the reliable, loyal and competent GGI partners with whom we work.

  • Active Members

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    Marios Eliades, Eliades & Partners, Cyprus

  • Reliable quality

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    Johan F. Langelaar, TeekensKarstens advokaten notarissen, Netherlands

  • The learning process

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    Ionut Catalin Zeche, Mirus Consultantá Fiscalá SRL, Romania

  • Where to seek expertise

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    Panna Jhugroo, Lancaster Chartered Accountants, Mauritius

  • Friendship through business

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    Robert D'Alessandro, Advocates CREDAL, Malta

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